Whitehorse Adult Recreational Hockey

Five hockey players wearing different team jerseys


A draft is used to build fair and even teams. Pace of play is in the intermediate level, so decent skating and puck handling skills are a must. We're well organized, with an established process for managing subs for players and goalies.


All players agree to the leagues Code of Conduct, which has been developed to ensure all players are there for the same reason: fun. We have officials for every game, though they rarely need to use their whistles.


We have regular weekly ice-times, referees, and a sub-list that draws first on the non-playing teams. This keeps the benches filled, the pace of play up and gives players a chance to get to know other players around the league.

About the CCHL


  • Each team will play between 1 and 3 games/week. Games will start on time, be timed and refereed.
  • This is a recreational league which means body checking is not allowed but body contact should be expected.
  • The league will consist of beginner to advanced players of any gender, ages 18 and up.
  • Full CSA-approved hockey equipment is required.
  • Teams will have between twelve and fifteen players. Seven players and a goalie must be present or the game is forfeited.


  • Since roster spots are limited, we cannot guarantee that every player who applies to play will be drafted to a team. Applications for league membership are now open, and the board of directors will contact all applicants regarding their membership status in late August.
  • Didn't get a roster spot? Teams often need to find additional players throughout the year, so any player who was not offered a roster spot will remain on a wait-list in case a space becomes available. 
  • Questions? Email us: canyoncityhockey@gmail.com


  • League fees: 2022/23 league fees will be between $600 and $650.
  • Payment is required prior to the draft.
  • Members may pay league fees in 2 installments if arranged in advance with league treasurer. The second payment must be made by October 31.

Apply to play