Apply to play

Thank you for your interest in playing in Canyon City Hockey League for the 2019/20 season. Rosters have now been drafted, but you can join the wait list by completing the following form.

Tell us about yourself
If you are not a Canadian resident, you will need to provide proof of insurance. You will not have to pay CARHA insurance. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.
Let's talk hockey
Where do you fit on our skill scale? Be honest, it'll help us keep things balanced during the draft
I am new to the sport
I am relatively stable on my skates, and am still trying to control my skating, positioning, stick-handling and/or shooting
I am stable on my skates and understand the basic positioning and the overall game, but I still need to be reminded at times. I am fairly confident in carrying the puck and getting a pass.
I consider myself a slightly below average player, but have not played much organized hockey. I am working on improving with my skating and shooting skills, and my understanding of the rules and ref calls.
I would consider myself an average player, and am able to keep up with a decent pace of play. I have played organized hockey, and am comfortable with positioning and play making.
I am a strong skater and stick-handler, and I know positioning and can read the play. I can shoot the puck with some accuracy and have a very strong understanding of the rules of the game. I have played organized hockey for many years.
I am a confident and skillful, team player and have played for a representative hockey team at one time (i.e. senior A, AA, AAA, junior hockey, college, etc.)

Would you like to be included on the sub list?

The sub list is a great way to get in a few extra games, filling-in when other teams are short of players.


Anything else you'd like to add? Requests to be on the same team as another player cannot be guaranteed, but team captains will try to accommodate them where possible.
Player conduct agreement
All CCHL players are required to agree to abide by the player conduct agreement. Please read the agreement and indicate your agreement below.
What's next?
You will be placed on the waiting list and may be contacted during the season if a roster position becomes available.